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Man2man chat line

As I do whenever I refer to Warrior MAN Brian Hulme. You can be single or married (OK you will need to work that out), aged from 30 to 50, any race, preferably not too heavy (I'd like to win the wrestling sometimes...). Looking for a buddy who I can hang out with and spend some discreet sessions cock rubbing, body contact and just enjoying each other's bodies the way men are supposed to. I enjoy gym, swimming and cycling and general outdoors activities. I live between Ipswich, Norwich and Cambridge, edge of village between Thetford and Diss. Really into kissing so if that isn't your thing then we probably won't be compatible. If you're masculine and manly, and want to share the discreet intimacy of manly contact, I look forward to hearing from you. Really would enjoy masturbate together with other guy rubbing our cocks together, one cock feeling the other. in SW London I an intellegent, like music, backgammon, chess, swimming. I've seen him posted on another site saying that he's 33. If he contacts you be aware that he's promiscuous -- and that you can't believe anything he says.

6.5" uncut large nob and lots of pre-cum no lube needed. Regular ongoing cock rub buddy wanted for regular rubbing. Addicted to cock to cock, slow sensual frottage, mutual masturbation, nipple play.

Nash Hi my name is Paul and I live in the west midlands region of England. I am 5'9, slim, hairy chest, clean shaven, with a slight facial imperfection following a minor accident. So: Frot Club is for Men who are Faithful and looking for the same in a partner.

I am looking for a buddy to share my outdoor interests with eg walking and cycling as well as enjoying each others bodies in the form of frottage. If you submit a post which lies about your promiscuity, and I catch you in that lie, I will post a warning about you on our boards. We Men of The MAN2MAN Alliance have a right to our own, FAITHFUL, space.

I am friendly, 5'7" tall, average body, dark hair and eyes. Please contact me via e-mail for more information and photo exhcange.

I'm looking for someone local, roughly the same age to frottage with on a regular basis. Dave Hi guys, I'm 30, good looking, single and I'm looking for discreet fun.

I am a good natured, sociable, intelligent, confident, professional white guy. Many thanks Richard 5'8, 14st, stocky, 6" uncut - WLTM similarly built guy for erotic wrestling and cockfighting.

Looking for a similar guy 45 - 55 (race unimportant) who is preferably also completely inexperienced so we can learn together. No interest at all in anything penetrative - just wanting a friend to masturbate with and to gently touch and be touched Maybe watching videos kissing and cuddling. Just lots of horny fun, tests of strength, body to body and leg tangling with some intense cockhead to cockhead wrestling. Nottm Wrsl I am a white 31 year old, 77kg, 6foot tall, athletic built, who uses the gym 3 times a week and also goes kick-boxing and uses the steam and sauna. Adrian S E London, Chubby guy in late 50s looking for a frot buddy who can accommodate.

I'm interested in a faithful and intimate relationship with another masculine guy (who I can call my very own best buddy) who is into frotting -- no anal.