Start Mahabharata war dating

Mahabharata war dating

Following is a brief summary of this research: Genealogies of different dynasties are recorded in the Puraan.

A date of 900 BCE was proposed by the western Indologists.

This is also proved by the fact that, the kings like Sudas, Divodasa, Somaka, etc. As the Puranic genealogies are far from complete, the date of 1924 BCE is the lower limit for the MB date.

In 500 CE, Aryabhatta calculated the start of Kali Yug as 17th February, 3102 BCE.

For the same period it gives 53 kings from Manu to Dhruturashtra. Even the Ikshvaku line need not contain ALL the kings of that line.

Generally only the prominent kings get mentioned in the genealogies.

The location of the battle was Kurukshetra in the modern state of Haryana in India.

The battle was fought for throne of Hastinapur, which is now located between Meerut and Mawana in uttar Pradesh and is now a forgotten village, but excavations in 1952, revealed the existence of vidurka – tilla (vidura’s palace), Draupadi – ki – rasoi (Draupadi’s Kitchen) and Draupadi Ghat, along with copper utensils, iron seals, Ornaments made of gold and silver, terracotta discs and several oblong shaped ivory dice used in the game of chauper (ancient game in which Duryodhana, with help of his maternal uncle Sakuni, defeated Yudhishtir and sent his brothers along with Draupadi to forest exile for 13 years).

The painted grey ware (PGW) of Hastinapura has been assigned to 2800 BCE and beyond.