Start Lying on internet dating sites

Lying on internet dating sites

Given thousands of stories to choose from, the ones that bubble to the top will probably be the lies, just like on Reddit.

I had never once used this shelf or any book on it.

I grab a random book I’ve never seen from the middle of a huge pile.

He described all of it – that it had one big room with a fireplace across from the window, he explained where the doors are located, how there always were some boxes under the stairs, that there always was a faint smell of apples in the house (grandma ran a small time apple sauce business). My grandma and Whiskers both died in 1977, 3 years before my son was born.

That there was this cat almost completely white with a black spot around his right eye (that’s mr. To this day I can’t fathom it and can’t even get a remotely sane explanation on how does he know all this.

I open it to somewhere around page 200 and right there is my booklet smashed in between the pages.

It was incredibly thin so you couldn’t even tell there was anything in there if you looked at it from another angle.

When I read stories like this, my first impulse is to try to think of reasonable explanations or ways they could be a coincidence.

Maybe some kids have instinctive talent at that sort of cold-reading thing TV psychics do sometimes.

When he was 6 years old my son described in great detail my grandmother’s house he never been to. There are no pics of the place that I’m aware and no one owned a camcorder in our family, so video is out of question either.

It’s a small house with red roof and a purple door (grandma painted the door every couple of years).

I’m selecting for surprising-if-true stories, but there’s only one way to get surprising-if-true stories that isn’t surprising, and given an entire Internet to choose from, many of the stories involved will be false. I can’t remember where I first saw this, so I can’t give credit, but somebody argued that the problem with non-replicable science isn’t just publication bias or p-hacking.