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Local slags northeast no sign ups just sex

To follow me on Twitter: https:// No Name Lane apparently marks a distinct change in style for Howard Linskey from his earlier material featuring a Newcastle gangland hard man and whilst I hadn't come across his work before, on the evidence of this novel I certainly wish I had done so!

Frustrated DC Ian Bradshaw, out of favour with his colleagues and ostracised after a period of depression is seeking to resurrect something from his attempts to prove he has the makings of a decent police officer.

Unable to sit around he soon hears of the missing girls that are vanishing in the village and after a rocky start he convinces Helen Norton, who took his job to work together with him to dig around and see what they can uncover. I loved the chapters where we got into the head of the person taking the girls. Then a skeleton is discovered during an excavation, it's a very old skeleton, years and years old, the problem is, in this close knit town, nobody remembers anyone local going missing, so who is the body in the soil? I found the police bumbled around the skeleton case, there was no modern policing, no forensic reporting, in fact our two Journalists find out more from door knocking than the police.

I was shouting out "dental forensics" but no copper was listening to me.

They all search for answers to a murder buried in the past, while in the present-day an unstoppable killer must be brought to justice...