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Little richard dating

Smacking offences for William supposedly included helping himself to other people’s property, teasing animals, and, most serious of all, rudeness.

When Bob Geldof was invited to Kensington Palace after organising the Live Aid concert at Wembley, which Charles and Diana had attended, William said of the dishevelled pop star: ‘Why doesn’t he wash his hair?

’ With typical understatement, the Prince of Wales would warn friends that his son ‘can be very destructive’.

(Several antique books were chewed up.) He was very elusive, too, often running from his nannies and trying to give his police bodyguards the slip.

Three decades ago, the infant William was known by his father Prince Charles as ‘whirlwind Will’, with an alarming habit of flushing shoes down the royal loo, pushing the palace panic buttons and threatening to behead his friends or lock them up in the Tower of London. He was also — for a royal prince — blunt to the point of rudeness.

Then comes the main event: meeting the other man about the house, Prince George.

The encounter should come with something of a warning.

She was also said to be ‘peeved’ that she saw too little of William, because few members of the Royal Family were invited to Kensington Palace, while Diana’s family, the Spencers, were said to be popping in all the time.