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Lesbian dating lancaster pa

In addition to handling negative issues that may arise in our erotic journeys, sex therapists also work with clients on sexual health and wellness.

This is our most common form of therapy as most therapy sessions take place in either of our three office locations. At PHW, we have a certified sex therapist who is also kink-friendly.

We provide therapy for couples, spouses and families.

Partners in Health and Wellbeing has several EMDR trained clinicians who work individually or as part of a treatment team to help our clients to identify and overcome their most painful life experiences, empowering our clients to move forward in their lives having made peace with even the most overwhelming parts of their personal histories. Sex therapy is a specialized form of talk therapy that helps individuals and couples identify barriers to reaching their erotic potential and fully experiencing their sexual health, wellness, and pleasure in their lives.

EMDR uses specific techniques to activate our mind’s natural healing process in a way that helps these “stuck” memories to be processed in a way that lets them pass through our minds filter, opening our neural networks and allowing rapid and satisfying healing from symptoms that may have existed for years before treatment.

These “stuck” memories can form the root system for memory networks that contribute to negative judgement about ourselves that our minds form to make sense of the overwhelming experiences we have faced.

For example, an abused child may begin to believe that “I am bad, I deserve this” as a way to make sense of the trauma happening in their life.

We recognize that sometimes family support and issues are complex and can seem overwhelming. Clients often express that they grow tremendously due to the challenges and support that group therapy provides.