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Thus ethnic, tribal and caste-based divisions are evident in the region and people are known by their tribal affiliations which when over expressed can be counter productive.

The railways were a part of the now obsolete “North Western Railways” (NWR), which was operational during British colonial rule in the subcontinent.

After the partition of India in 1947 it was renamed “Pakistan Western Railways” and was again renamed after December 1971 as Pakistan Railways.

Famous for its brave and strong willed people that constitute a greater part in Pakistan Army.

The Niazis, a Pathan tribe (famous for bravery and vendettas) currently control the politics and other issues of governance of the area. Infrastructure Mianwali city is the economic and commercial hub of the district.

The main castes and tribes listed in Mianwali are: ” Niazi ” Syed ” Arain ” Awan ” Baloch ” Jat ” Khokhar ” Malik ” Rajput Niazis have a history of almost 250 years in this region.

They came from the plains of Lakki Marwat, Tank and Bannu.

The Mianas of Mianwali are descendants of this holy man.

The city has its own FM Radio Station, a municipal library, a sports complex, a hockey stadium (the Tariq Niazi Hockey Stadium), and a couple of parks for recreation.

one third area of Mianwali district is comprises of thal desert.

the biggest towns of arraid thal are mari shah sakhira and noor pur thal.

The main highways connecting the city to the other parts of the country include the Sargodha-Lahore road, Multan road, Talagang-Rawalpindi road, and the Kalabagh- Bannu road.