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This process results in extensive bone/soil-water interaction, and is responsible for increases in the concentrations of trace elements such as Ba and La of 100 – 1000% within 15 years.

Local reports claim she was attacked by 'thugs riding boda bodas (taxi motorcycle)' and was left to bleed out on the road after a botched robbery.

A 9mm gun cartridge was recovered at the scene and local police are investigating the murder, but no-one has been charged in relation to her death.

These specimens show characteristics that place them in the Tribe Elasmotheriini such as a constricted protocone, a developed antecrochet, and coronal cement.

The present specimens are compared with other Elasmotheriini species from Eurasia and sub-Saharan East Africa.

The newspaper said that while not charged with offences relating to chemical weapons, it is alleged that Hashi and his two co-accused had 'substantial knowledge' on an al-Shabab department that was developing chemical weapons and that this will form part of the case against them.

Hashi and the two other men are awaiting trial in New York.

Many bones showed extensive permineralization of the larger vascular spaces with calcite and barite and, to a lesser extent, crandallite.