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'She was returning home after dropping her son at a friend's house.

Local reports claim she was attacked by 'thugs riding boda bodas (taxi motorcycle)' and was left to bleed out on the road after a botched robbery.

A 9mm gun cartridge was recovered at the scene and local police are investigating the murder, but no-one has been charged in relation to her death.

Mother-of-two Gabrielle Maina was granted a restraining order six months before she was gunned down while walking home along Miotoni Road in the affluent suburb of Karen, in Nairobi, at about 10am on Thursday.'She required a restraining order against the husband for constantly stalking, approaching her place of work and as well as the residence,' George Kingori told the ABC.'[He] would constantly show up at her place of work and constantly sending messages.

A combined analytical approach involving TEM microscopy, trace metal analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, and petrographic analysis has revealed a complex, dynamic diagenetic environment operating within exposed bones, driven by evaporative transport of soil water from the bone/soil interface to the upper exposed surface of the bone.

We produce a model for pre-burial diagenesis of bone in arid tropical environments that highlights extensive alteration of bone chemistry within 1–40 years post-mortem.

Several rhinocerotid cheek teeth and mandibular fragments from the upper Miocene of the Samburu Hills and Nakali in northern Kenya are described.

'It is important for them (Department of Foreign Affairs) to keep on pushing until it is certain as to what caused her death,' Ms Maina's lawyer told ABC Radio on Sunday.