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Ken is still a generic multi-camera family comedy that doesn't feel very inspired, hitting similar beats of failed multi-cam sitcoms that have lived on ABC's Friday nights before it. You probably didn't even need to read this review to know Dr. There's a touch of humanity in the doctor side even if nothing was really earned, but it needed a lot more than just the patient (the great Stephen Tobolowsky in a guest role) returning to tell Dr.

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There's canned heart on the family side, too, but again, the conflict (Ken didn't want his popular daughter Molly to pass her driving test for fear she would DIE and he feared for his son's reputation for a miming performance of a Katy Perry song at the school talent show) and the results were predictable and rote as Ken running into a nightclub shouting for "Molly" got expected results. Ken from other outlets, but it all comes down to the show not being funny.