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Is debby ryan dating cole sprouse

Dean moves away, but Alex tries to continue dating him in his dreams with the use of magic.

Their parents say they can't date, as their businesses are competing but once learning she's now the good child of the family, Justin's sister changes their parents' minds.

Justin discovers Juliet is a vampire, and she tells him she knows he's a wizard.

When his sister tells him she's a dog, he doesn't believe her so asks her, but she tells him she's a werewolf.

Justin says he doesn't care, and kisses her but she reveals when you kiss a werewolf, you become a werewolf so Justin and Isabella run into the forest together.

Dean then enters it in a race once fixing it, but Alex gets mad when her family begin to like Dean and he doesn't spend as much time with her.

Alex then transports herself into the car during the race to talk to Dean, who reveals he likes her. After Alex eliminates the other couples so that she can be alone with Dean, she realizes he wants to kiss her.

When Gigi gets trapped, she gets back out and is convinced she hit her head.