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In March and April 1918 the Division was back on the Somme battlefield and took part in the battles of St. The Division returned to Flanders in October 1918 and fought with 5th Army in the Final Advance.

Later the Division took part in the battle of Cambrai. Quentin, after which it moved back to Ypres fighting in the battles of Messines, Bailleul, Kemmel Ridge and finally the Advance in Flanders.

As Protestants and Catholics, we apologise for the terrible deeds we have done to each other and ask forgiveness.

From this sacred shrine of remembrance, where soldiers of all nationalities, creeds and political allegiances were united in death, we appeal to all people in Ireland to help build a peaceful and tolerant society.

The Island of Ireland Peace Park was officially opened on 11th November 1998 by the President of Ireland Mary Mc Aleese in the presence of HM Queen Elizabeth II and King Albert II of Belgium.

Each year a commemorative Remembrance Day service is held at the Tower at 11.00 hours on 11th November.

The pillar on the right of the photograph is one of four pillars which name each of the provinces of Ireland: Leinster, Munster, Connaught and Ulster.

Three pillars in the memorial park commemorate the killed, wounded or missing of each of the three Irish divisions which fought with the British Army in WW1: In June 1915 the 10th (Irish) Division prepared to move to the Mediterranean and on the 6/7th August 1915 the Division (less the 29th Brigade, which was operating with the Anzac Corps) landed at Suvla and assaulted the Turkish position.

For the remainder of the Great War the Division served in Gallipoli, Macedonia, Egypt, and Palestine.