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Iphone facetime sex chat forum

Hi guys, I just tried Face Time over 3G connecttion last night. But I noticed some video compression pixelated artifacts.

It was so clear got to talk to everyone and it was in a way just like being there..

I think it's incredible and something that I won't use all the time, but definitely I can see the benefit of having it and I will appreciate it even more when I know more people that have iphone 4's.

Only cost involved is that of your data used in the Wi Fi internet plan.

My understanding is it sets up the connection over 3G then drops to Wi Fi.

Well you have to know the other person is in a Wi Fi enabled area..

I guess you could just try it and hope it works, but otherwise I guess the easiest way is to just call the person and ask, then if they area initiate the Face Time call?

Quick question, I restored my iphone 4 today because it backed up from my 3G and I decided I didn't want to carry across the install. Double check to insure Caller ID and Face Time are both ON. If you jailbreak and use something like 3GUnrestrictor(not sure if it's compatible with i P4 yet) then you can fool the i Phone into thinking you are on Wi Fi and be able to call anyone anywhere you are!