Start Invalidating a will uk

Invalidating a will uk

This is a complex area as people fail to follow the very simple guidelines, and the Courts are called upon to decide if enough has been done to make the Will valid – or not.

Many states consider such clauses void as a matter of public policy or valid only if a will is contested without probable cause.

This article mainly discusses American law and cases.

If the Wills are not brought back to validity by way of a codicil reviving them, then the Rules of Intestacy may well apply and have a quite different result from that intended.

Foreign Wills often accidentally cancel UK Wills and vice versa.

) Each successive new Last Will and Testament normally cancels the previous one automatically, but often people forget where the old Last Will is kept (and indeed the current one) so the wrong Last Will may be found initially.

So one set of executors may in all innocence try to obtain probate on an old Last Will.

Will contests are more common in the US States than in other countries.