Start Introducing children to new dating partner

Introducing children to new dating partner

But unless that new guy or girl will be in your life consistently, it is more likely to create stress, anxiety, unpredictability, uncertainty, and perhaps even jealousy and anger in your children's lives If you have been dating someone for enough time that you believe that she or he will be part of your life in a serious way, share this with your children. (And if you're not, you may want to rethink the relationship.) But your children may feel differently. They may feel this new person in your life is going to try and take you away from them. Help your new partner know how it has been for your children. Then encourage a time to meet, pick an activity away from home (on neutral territory so the children don't feel their home is being invaded) where you, your new partner, and your children can be involved together. It could be a bike ride, a game of soccer in the park, bowling, or a bushwalk and picnic lunch. Instead, ask how they enjoyed the time out together, and whether they felt safe and comfortable with him/her. Then chat with your partner about the get-together and work through their discussion points. First, make sure that relationships are well-established, healthy, and positive.

• Reassure them that you will not bring someone into the family unless you feel comfortable that they can fit in.

Once you are ready to have your children meet your new partner, don’t surprise them by having the person show up unexpectedly at an event.

Below are some general considerations for how to introduce a new significant relationship to your children.

This is not an exhaustive list and cannot cover all the possible variables that may be true about your life.

Your children need not have the burden of being an intentional or unintentional messenger.

• Children are often open to new adults in their lives.

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