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Intimidating eratic driving

For clients abroad it's possible to have onsite coaching.

Clients with a history of abuse may count on my help and I will do everything I can to empower them to overcome their ordeals," he said directing this help to victims of abuse and those who need his help in Sri Lanka. Marcel de Roos went on to elaborate that he is appalled by the stories he has heard from female clients about what they have had to go through.

etc.) and with children (teenager counselling, study related problems, personal and social issues, etc.).

Furthermore I give individual Executive Coaching and Business Consultancy for (international) CEO's, higher management and entrepreneurs (frequent themes are: leadership issues, career development, work stress, setting up and maintaining a business, and personal issues).

"The education system seems successful and drugs and alcohol are not promoted," observed de Roos. Marcel de Roos also went on to point out some disturbing facets.