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Internet dating scammer list

As with any unsolicited call, don’t trust these people until you can verify that the information they are giving you is correct.

Once you get off the line verify the information with your creditor.

If someone calls claiming that they are an IRS agent, you should hang up immediately.

You should also look up the name of the company or organization the caller claimed to be calling from and contact them directly to see if they are using telemarketers.

Most spammers and scammers won't be willing to give you their information, since they are after all breaking the law, this is also a dead giveaway that you've received a scam call.

If it's a debt collector calling you, ask them for their information, including a mailing address.

If you actually do owe something you can send a formal letter via snail mail to the debt collector that’s working on behalf of your creditor and ask them to stop. If you believe it's a phony debt collector, you should still ask them for all of their information and on behalf of which creditor they are calling for.

In addition to reporting a romance scammer to the IC3 you should also report them to, a non-profit that helps identify romance scammers, and to the dating site that you met the scammer on.

All IRS scam calls should be reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

This is a very common type of scam, it's important to remember that the IRS will never call you to demand payment.

If someone calls claiming to be from the local police station or other law enforcement agency and is threatening arrest because of missed jury duty, money owed on taxes, overdue parking tickets, issues with immigration status, etc. These types of scams, along with the IRS scam, is to trigger a panic reaction in their chosen victim.

All consumer related phone scams should be reported to the Federal Trade Commision’s Complaint Assistant.