Start Internet dating scammer list

Internet dating scammer list

Once you get off the line verify the information with your creditor.

Scam callers will often be very convincing and have information that will back up their claims.

Some phone scams are dead giveaways from the moment you answer, such as the IRS phone scam (the IRS will never call and demand that you pay them via money transfer or prepaid credit cards).

Phone scammers like to target the most vulnerable people, usually this means that they look for elderly people, college students with debt, and immigrants.

There are a number of different scams going around at the moment and new scams are constantly popping up.

In addition to reporting a romance scammer to the IC3 you should also report them to, a non-profit that helps identify romance scammers, and to the dating site that you met the scammer on.

All IRS scam calls should be reported to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

If you were called by a telemarketer trying to get you to buy something, make sure that your number is on the national Do Not Call Registry.