Start Ibm rad error occured validating

Ibm rad error occured validating

(This would be rather voluminous and is not recommended except for brief testing periods.) The note can be logged by adding to your log format string.

Example: This message is issued by the Web Sphere plug-in, and it indicates a plug-in processing error, due either to the plug-in implementation or to the plug-in configuration.

The significance with this message is the text "bad file number." If it says something like "Broken pipe" or "Connection reset", it is a different issue.

To correct some problems which lead to the "bad file number" message, the customer needs PQ85834 or later for, or 2.0.47.

At the time the message was written, there were not any worker threads, or child processes in V1.3, available to process additional requests.

I.e., all child processes/threads are already in use handling existing requests.

So you have to check if there is an SSL-enabled virtual host which specifies that IP address (or *) on the directive.

The last column is the virtual host which was actually chosen.

Look for requests which failed with 400 with the same timestamp as the messages in the error log.