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Hundred percent of the girls free erotic chat camera

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All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. Now arch your spine, stick out your ass, and hold it. After what happened to her at that school she hates even having it touched." Paul looked puzzled. They run a current through it to make the muscles clench. She has less control now over her orgasm than she has over breathing. Don't hesitate to use any of it." He looked pointedly over at his younger daughter's cruelly elevated midsection and winked. If we need Matt to be stiffened I'm sure Jody can do it." Ivy pulled the cock out.

Copyright (c) 2001 by Firebird, All rights reserved. May not be reprinted in part or whole without the expressed written consent of the author. That's fine." This time Paul's dick wanted to rip right up out of his pants. Her pert little round buns yawed wide open, the cleft between them reduced to a shallow grove. Kind'a painful, especially if it goes on for very long. "Also don't hesitate to use it where you think it'll do the most good." Dave hurried out to get ready for bridge club, closing the basement door behind him. The vibration unit kicked on and began to hum in a low, powerful way that was entirely different from the usual battery operated unit. "Yes Mr Boggis." Before she got up she ran her tongue all the way down Matt's shaft and then quickly kissed the tip.

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*** WARNING *** WARNING *** WARNING *** ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Above is the original disclaimer from the author of the first 3 chapters) To Obey by Stevie Gee (author of the first 3 chapters) (Reposted by Fire-Bird, the author of the rest of the story) Chapter 1 "Hounded Into Submission" "Ok Melissa, pull up your slip and show Paul your pussy." The command, given to pretty sixteen year old Melissa Andrews by her father Dave, was not one a girl her age would normally expect to hear. For him the most important trait in a female, especially a young daughter, was obedience. It had been a three month nightmare of pain and sexual abuse, all requested by, approved, and carefully photo-documented for their father's benefit. "On your hands and knees kid, forehead to the floor, and spread 'em wide." Melissa took one look at the huge dog and panicked. It took almost ten minutes of pushing and shoving and twisting to get the dildo buried to the hilt up Sharon's tight little hole. He walked around and looked at the base of the dildo. Above it, etched into the plastic shaft were the words "OFF -- LOW -- MED -- HI -- MAX". Her sex was already sore and swollen from her just finished orgasm. She wailed helplessly, her hips bouncing in wild abandon over the top of the trestle. " Paul sat down on the bed even with Melissa's raised hips and grinned. Never had he seen anything so beautiful, so powerfully erotic as the way pretty little sixteen year old Melissa reacted to having her cunt flogged. This caused a short but interesting pause while the dildo was rammed up her tight, tender little asshole.