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How to avoid dating insecure men

Joseph Nowinski points out that with insecurity comes a form of dependence on others to look good and “do for me.” Is your man dependent on you for his well-being and making look good?

Or he may cycle through a combination, switching from the extremes of passive Whatever we focus on, we create the likelihood of it happening in our reality.

By focusing on our insecurities (thinking that helps us avoid them) we actually illuminate them on the unconscious level.

There’s a likelihood that he’ll become demanding that you do things he feels he’s not capable of doing for himself, or want you to look a certain way to earn him respect amongst other men.

He’s insecure about showing his emotions (even to you), so he has little emotional strength.

He may not even realize that the darkness he feels is low self-esteem. If you love him, he will need you to get through it.

I worry that I volunteer too much info about myself.

Usually after your man orgasms, his sexual desire and energy lower compromising his ability to keep going and please you. Often you have your own personal sexual insecurities which inhibit you from sexually arousing enough, which causes you to take longer to orgasm.