Start Grannies wanting sex and can travel or accommadate

Grannies wanting sex and can travel or accommadate

I don’t have to travel very often for my job, but when I do I’ve generally been by myself or in a group of three or more. But it’s getting to the point in my job where I will have to do some more short-term business travel (as in hours traveling in a vehicle, not a flight) because of accounts I handle, and I’m handling more and more interactions with vendors at business lunches, and sometimes there’s just no one else going but me and one other person.

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Unrefined coconut oil may be the exception – many people report enjoying it without ill effects.

My supervisor, who has to travel with me on occasion, is male and close to my age, so that makes it worse.

I have no issue with anyone who doesn’t object to this like I do. I searched your site but can’t find much that fits this case. It’s a normal part of work life to travel and dine with colleagues who might be of the opposite sex.

I just honestly am not comfortable with how it might appear to others who don’t know it’s business-related (The company is located in a small town, and it’s not uncommon to see many people who I work with if I go out to lunch.) There’s also the problem that things can happen between consenting adults, and even though that’s the last thing on my mind, I’d prefer to not allow the question to form in anyone’s mind (again, small town, smallish company, lots of scuttlebutt) or to create an opportunity for anything.

My husband has also admitted that it would make him uncomfortable too, and holds himself to the same standard I do.

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But you’d want to be aware that — like your grand-boss said — it’s not the norm and it’s going to strike a lot of people as odd.

To be blunt, it’s going to come across as if you’re injecting Sex Potential in a place where it doesn’t belong, and that’s going to feel very weird to people who weren’t thinking about sex in relation to work conversations at all.

The rectum does not lubricate on its own and never did. You may think that anything that feels slick will work fine as a lubricant, whether you find it at the drugstore or in your kitchen. Different categories of lubricants work best or worst for different uses – which might mean you need several. Water-based lubricants are compatible with latex condoms and all sex toys, but dry up quickly.