Start Generalized anxiety disorder and dating

Generalized anxiety disorder and dating

Consider how individual counseling can help you manage your fears about relationships or take steps towards a happier dating life.

• Do you experience anxiety when your partner is away?

Don’t avoid – People who feel unsteady in a relationship may be tempted to avoid or distract from the issues causing problems.

Avoiding is only a temporary solution, and it often ends in heated conflict.

If you’re not sure whether anxiety is present in your romantic relationship, consider moments or issues that make you feel worried.

If you’re uncertain whether anxiety is causing problems in your romantic life, ask yourself the following questions.

Because of the uncertain outcome, people can experience a fair amount of anxiety about their current romantic relationship or the hurdles of pursuing a new one.

Many people find that having an untreated anxiety disorder can affect their romantic life.

Set a standard for addressing issues head on in the relationship, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.