Start From dating to commited

From dating to commited

1) Be Independent Some “experts” say you should act unavailable.

Do not fight doubts, fears, negative thoughts or feelings—just let them come but then simply and gently repeat your Love Intention affirmation.

Commitment ultimately stems from making a decision about what you are creating in your life and putting your attention on that decision, over and over again, and then acting on it, even in the face of disappointments.

Maybe you’ve wondered how do I get from casual dating to a committed love relationship? Maybe you blurted out something about the future only to find your heart sinking as your Beloved pulls away and actually leaves.

Perhaps you’ve met the One only to see him or her come on like crazy, but then pull back for no apparent reason. And you wonder, Maybe you are in a long term on-again, off-again relationship where one or the other of you periodically withdraws or sees other people.

So all of a sudden, everything becomes murky and uncertain in terms of your relationship. Have you ever been involved and in love with someone for months, or even years, only to find that they simply cannot or will not take that next step into living together or marriage?

Should you have “the talk” about where things stand?

To make yourself a better partner, think about your past relationships.

Other times you really like someone and it doesn’t work out, and you’ve probably wondered if there was anything you could’ve done differently.

The latest research shows that this process can literally retrain and rewire the neural connections in your brain!

And with that retraining, come new thoughts, positive thoughts that create even more connections in the brain and so on.

You decide, commit and take action towards your own love-filled happy future.