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In addition, my icons and explanation for why I placed them are in two different spaces.

Evaluating a philosophical text for truthiness raises an interesting question: Can a philosopher debunk bullshit without employing certain “bullshitting” techniques himself? This could help visually point out worrisome bullshit spots, and tell other readers to be suspicious of particular passages.

After Ethan introduced “On Bullshit”, I was optimistic. I haven’t used icons to mark up my texts before, and I didn’t find a lot of options for doing this in Adobe Acrobat, so instead, I searched for clipart on Creative Commons Clip Art, imported and resized them in the pdf.

Frankfurt could have cited Wikipedia or Wiktionary instead. And I have to say, for an almost 8000 word text, that seems like very little bullshit. Although I’ll spare you the rest of the analysis, overall, I counted more anti-bullshit moves than bullshit techniques.

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After all, he told us that “On Bullshit” was written by philosopher Harry Frankfurt. I found Potter’s Technique #8: “Transfer”, or the approval of a respected institution, right underneath Frankfurt’s name.