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Future victim Alison Sutherland would get The Executioner to admit this in their Episode 5 interview: Alison asks why The Executioner would be as much a sinner as everyone else and violate one of God's commandments to not kill; The Executioner counters that God only commanded not to murder the innocent, and that his/her victims are not innocent.

Later, the group start dying one by one at the hands of a mysterious person wearing a parka, which also alerts the second group of counselors at the resort.

Eventually, it's revealed that Judith is the killer, and another character, Wren, is actually Owen "Wren" Turnbull, her son who committed suicide after being framed for Talvinder's murder, and is a figment of Judith's imagination.

Eventually, it's revealed that the deputy Cam is the Executioner, suffering under an abusive mother whom he pushed down the stairs, killing her.

Cam's father, the town priest, discovered that Cam was the Executioner, and Cam killed him as well.

Robin is confronted by Trent, while Sarah is confronted by Heather.

Sarah receives a package containing a severed human finger and a note; following Tom's suggestion that the note contains geographic coordinates, Sarah discovers the remains of Verna Mc Bride's husband, Peter, in a nearby wooded area.

Due to a changing circumstance, they must return to their resort in the dead of winter to retrieve the body of Talvinder, whom they murdered while they were camp counsellors, five years earlier.