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However, this strategy only works if you're on relatively good terms with your credit card company. For example, say you have a balance of £1,000 a month on a card with a 6.9 per cent interest rate and a £50 annual fee.

This could mean you lose your home if you fail to keep up payments.

These firms can also charge high fees, and their involvement may affect your credit rating.

But it has now emerged that some firms are trying to get around it.

Travel agents, takeaway firms, airlines and football clubs have already admitted the dodge.

Although the new rules ban discrimination against anyone using a particular form of payment, there are no obstacles to adding an extra fee as long as it applies to everyone equally.

Businesses have seized the opportunity to charge more, imposing new ‘service charges’ or extra commission to ensure they don’t lose out.

It's easy to think that your debt is too big to deal with.