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Fly fishing dating

Any fly which looks 'shrimpy' will work with mullet...hare's ear, red-headed diawl bachs, PTN's.

The larvae of many species use silk to make protective cases, which are often strengthened with gravel, sand, twigs, bitten-off pieces of plants, or other debris.

The larvae exhibit various feeding strategies, with different species being predators, leaf shredders, algal grazers, or collectors of particles from the water column and benthos.

The characteristics of adults depend on the palps, wing venation and genitalia of both sexes.

The latter two characters have undergone such extensive differentiation among the different superfamilies that the differences between the suborders is not clear-cut.

In art, the French artist Hubert Duprat has created works by providing caddis larvae with small grains of gold and precious stones for them to build into decorative cases.

, "wing"), and refers to the fact that the wings of these insects are bristly.

Most early stage larvae and some late stage ones are collector-gatherers, picking up fragments of organic matter from the benthos.