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Executive catholic dating

Zwaan had served as vice president and director of commercial banking in Pennsylvania for WSFS.

Life Teen Women's Retreats are an incredible opportunity for women from all walks of life to come together for an inspiring, refreshing weekend retreat. Awaken Hope: Reflections on the Season of Advent gives you a reason to pause and take a step back during this busy time of year, to shift your focus from material to spiritual preparation.

Producer Megan Harrington and participant Chris Meehan join Peggy in the studio to discuss the making of this documentary and what conclusions one might draw about our culture after viewing it.

Guests Megan Harrington and Chris Meehan continue their discussion about the making of The Dating Project and welcome comments and questions from listeners who call in.

In Chatting with Catholics, Peggy takes her microphone to an audience of mixed age Catholics who share with her what they are planning to give up for Lent this year.