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Dirty online cams

The world's largest PE fund Blackstone had approached CAMS with a pre-emptive offer in the wake of the Sebi move, though the later decided to run a process, one of the sources added.

Home Depot: Take the shower curtain and cut out two 12" squares.

Then use your clothespins to attach the squares to the front of two of your lights.

This will help to produce the highest quality and most flattering light possible.

Also, make sure you purchase bulbs that are dimmable. Here's the shopping list that ran us about $60.

This will help to create a softer, more flattering light on your subject's face.

In the industry, this effect is called "light diffusion." The goal is to eliminate shadows and create soft, flat lighting on your subject's face.

Please allow us to introduce Wistia's "Down and Dirty DIY Lighting Kit" – all for under $100.