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Death dating spiderman

A good friend of Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn.

Andrew Garfield has split with his long term girlfriend, actress Shannon Woodward after a three year relationship.

The 27-year-old Social Network star broke up from the Raising Hope star, 26, after 'he got deeper into filming' the new Spider-Man movie, according to Us Weekly magazine.

The initial four-issue miniseries, Mary Jane, originally intended as an ongoing series, began publication in June 2004 under the Marvel Age imprint, a line of comic books by Marvel Comics aimed at younger readers.

A second digest, collecting Mary Jane: Homecoming, again sold well enough to justify the continuation of the series.

The series began publication in December 2005 and was preceded by two miniseries from the series' original creative team, Mary Jane in 2004 and Mary Jane: Homecoming in 2005.

The original series ended in July 2007 with issue #20, and was followed by a five-issue miniseries, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2, in August 2008 by writer Terry Moore and artist Craig Rousseau.

She once had a crush on Spider-Man, which was later complicated by her feelings for Peter Parker. His father is Norman Osborn, a wealthy industrialist.