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If it’s age-related, the one on Sex in Later Life contains plenty of practical suggestions.

Relate can also help if it turns out the loss of sex drive has a cause you are powerless actually to change in reality and what is needed is for his feelings to change.

For example, a few men completely lose any urge to make love to their partner after she’s had a baby.

Maar als je beneden goed tussen de kleine lettertjes leest waneer je ingelogd bent staat er, GEEN FYSIEKE AFSPRAKEN MOGELIJK.

Right from when he was young he will have heard men swapping banter about how randy they are.

Learn how to give each other a massage – a wonderful way of relaxing but also of getting back in touch with all the marvellous sensations our bodies can give us. I can send you free leaflets on Massage for Couples and Sex Play and Sensate Focus.

Many men stop wanting to make love because they are cut off from their emotions.

Interracial lesbian dating may or may not be more complicated, but it’s a question that comes up regularly.