Start Dating someone with overindulged kids

Dating someone with overindulged kids

An only child often has to play the role of empathetic counselor for the narcissistic mother.

With a single narcissistic mother, the only child is at risk to care for her, make her the center of attention and assure her she’s constantly adored.

This is tough on an only child, for they have to do all the work to survive without hope of a sibling or healthy parent with which to relate or commiserate.

An only child may be left alone to fend for his or herself while mom is out finding her next source for an ego boost.

The child, her captive source of narcissistic supply, is enmeshed with mom until pushed aside for something new to fill that void.

Narcissistic mothers do not enjoy the process of watching the child grow up but are instead threatened by the child’s increased ability to exercise healthy free will.

The child is born for a source of narcissistic supply and for someone to be able to take care of the narcissistic mother.

There are perks as an only child, like not having to compete against other siblings for mom’s attention, but the child pays dearly as the mother’s only captive source of narcissistic supply.

The narcissistic single mother, especially without the temporary relief of a partner around, will force the only child to wear many hats.

I explain that true narcissists don’t worry about narcissism, so the fact they examine themselves in a such a way is a good sign they are ok.

But, yes, if we’ve had a narcissistic parent, we do need to develop awareness of our own behavior and evaluate whether it repeats what we saw modeled.

Praise yourself for catching the remnant and commit to extinguish the old behavior, instead of criticizing yourself.