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Dating singer industrial sewing machines

"Represents the Ultimate in Sewing Machine Design and Styling" "The Slant-Needle Sewing Machine Is All About Precision" "The World's Finest Straight Stitch Sewing Machine" "The Most Modern, Streamlined Machine Ever" "The Best Sewing Machine Ever Made" "The Last Word In Sewing Ease" "The Famous Singer 301" "Read About Me" "Legendary" "301" Slant-Needle After World War II, 1939-1945, most sewing machine manufacturers were marketing the same machines they sold prior to the war.

It was the first family sewing machine ever made that was a cabinet and portable all in one. used even in the first rough sketches of the new product . Every 50 years Singer introduces the world's most advanced home sewing machine to commemorate an Anniversary Year.

You can raise the handle and lift the machine out of the cabinet and carry it anywhere. In 1851, Isaac Merritt Singer invented the world's first practical sewing machine.

The Slant-Needle was a dramatic departure from previous Sewing Machine Designs! The Singer 160 is made of plastic and weighs 18.6 lbs.

Doehler-Jarvis and Singer Manufacturing Company How Doehler-Jarvis Helped Singer Develop ... It has an internal 103 teeth motor belt with a maximum of 750 stitches per minute, portable with a carrying handle but does not fit in a cabinet, and a 5 year warranty on electronics.

The slant-needle sewing machine would revolutionize the sewing-machine-of-tomorrow. The Singer Model 301 tested at 1600 stitches per minute with 1500 spm being a safe figure to publish.

It was a simple straight stitch sewing machine engineered for precision with the fewest amount of moving parts making work easier. The Singer Model 301 is all about "Precision" in Every Way!

It was the first family sewing machine to sew up to 1500 stitches per minute. (1st sewing machine patent, number 8294, 12 August 1851, full patent protection on 29 September 1851) In 1951, a "Limited Edition" of 10,000 "Singer Model 301" sewing machines were allotted to commemorate Singer's 100th year Anniversary, 1851-1951.

There were many new features that made it the Ultimate sewing machine Singer Manufacturing Company ever built, past or present. (1,000 with the Centennial Badge and 9,000 with the new Black Band Singer Badge) (Revolutionized the sewing machine-of-tomorrow with a design to make home sewing easier) In 2011, the Singer 160 Limited Edition was introduced for the 160th year anniversary, 1851-2011.

It had its faults, but it did give them machine-tool accuracy. In 1953 the suffix "A" was added to the model number, 301A, to signify it was made in Anderson, South Carolina.

And they discovered the germ of the "Tripod-Control" idea. In 1955 the last "NA" serial number was used and in 1956 the start of the "NB" serial numbers. There were 690,000 machines made between 1952-1957 and 10,000 Limited Edition Singer 301's made in 1951 for a total of 700,000 Singer Model 301 and 301A sewing machines.

the sewing machine designed to make home sewing easier and convenient? It has no warranty because it was made to last a lifetime.