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Dating communication games

And hint, once you send those naked pictures, you aren’t getting them back.

Everyone is obsessed with the lengths texting has taken dating in the last few years.

It’s become a standard form of communication for many singles who are just too lazy, scared or immature to pick up the f*cking phone and use it for what it’s for, making calls.

It also doesn’t make you weird if you’d rather not date via text.

The telltale sign is if someone who talked a big game in person doesn’t follow up with it, just because you didn’t respond to their text. If you’re a woman and you can appreciate a gentleman, wait for a phone call.

If feels like anyone who would rather text you, than call you hasn’t made you a priority.

I understand the benefits of the written word better than anyone but as a dating expert, I also understand how frustrated many women have become with the text game.

If you’re in a purely textual relationship, you’re probably getting led on.