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During a phone interview with Collider, Callan Mc Auliffe talked about how badly he wanted to be in an American film, how grateful he was to work with Rob Reiner and how he would love to model his career after Johnny Depp.

He also spoke about his next role in the upcoming sci-fi/action film and who you play in it?

MCAULIFFE: I decided not to read that until I’ve finished the film. You never know if you’re actually going to do something. With such a big cast, are there particular actors that you’re working with most often? Caruso seems to do more action-oriented type of films, but he’s just as good. He’s such a nice guy, and the same with Rob Reiner. If you can’t be there, then they’ll drop you, so that you don’t let down the team.

I was told that they might have changed a few things, so I didn’t want to get out of touch with the character. You might have a day off, and then you’re suddenly called in while you’re out somewhere else. MCAULIFFE: Alex Pettyfer, from , is the person that I’m alongside the most, and he’s such a nice guy. There’s so many foreign people on the set, as well. He calls in the same people sometimes for each project, so he knows exactly what he wants and what he’s doing. You’re certainly off to quite a start with your American film career, having people like Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay behind , and in a D. Caruso/Steven Spielberg/Michael Bay film, for my first two films. So, I dislocated my knee cap during a sports game and couldn’t play anymore, through almost the rest of the year. I’ve done a few acting classes and I’ve just hated them.

MCAULIFFE: As soon as I’d been cast, out of respect, I read the book and I thought it was fantastic. It was just a fantastic role to play, and I was really stoked. MCAULIFFE: It’s a really different experience to the love story type of movie, and I think it’s fantastic to have a little bit of contrast. Sometimes your foot placement is off, so you have to go back and do it again, and you get really tired.

I don’t usually read that sort of genre, but it was a beautiful book. And, it was my first American film, so anything was fantastic. He was so jolly and such a nice guy, and he knew what he was doing. Had you been a fan of the sci-fi genre before doing this?

He appeared as young Jay Gatsby in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby.

He was a track athlete until he was injured, leading to a stronger focus on the performing arts.

CALLAN MCAULIFFE: I play Bryce Loski, and he’s another interesting, confused teenager who’s caught up in the struggles of going through puberty. It’s a teenage coming-of-age story about two confused teenagers who are falling in and out of love. I came over to meet my manager, who had just signed me up, and they were just like, “Oh, we found you this script for your first American audition. You probably won’t get it, but it will be fun anyway.” And so, I went and did it, and then I did about five or six call-backs for that role.