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Dating agencies in surrey

We are known nationally and internationally as an exclusive introduction agency.

Perhaps more importantly though, such a hefty price tag brings with it a high calibre of clientele. They are all professional people from similar backgrounds and with certain lifestyle aspirations, and all of them are looking for a long-term partner.” Chatting over coffee, I am left in no doubt that Hayley takes very seriously the happiness and wellbeing of her pool of up to 1,000 singles, meeting every one of them face to face before allowing them to sign on the dotted line.

Sharing a meal is a more intimate experience that can be saved for later dates 4) Aim for 45-60 minutes.

If it goes well you can extend 5) Go armed with some background information 6) Have a few prepared questions or conversation starters ready in case of awkward silences 7) Don’t just talk about work – enquire about holidays and family too babies. Matched couples receive strict instructions not to contact each other following their initial rendezvous.

“It’s hard for people these days,” she explains, at her stylish office overlooking the river in Godalming.

“Everyone has such busy careers and lots of commitments.

“We just want to open people’s eyes and give them positive experiences,” says Hayley.

“We encourage them to look outside their comfort zone.

More likely, I would head to the myriad dating websites and spend my evenings scrolling through pages of wannabe Casanovas, whose credentials may or may not match their claims.