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Dating agencies business people

Attractive Partners is a highly successful dating agency for professional people in Greater Manchester.

They are the only truly independent dating body in the country, representing the interests of clients.

At Club Sirius, the dating agency for "single, well-educated and articulate people", success isn't measured by the number of members who marry each other, but by the number who take the altogether more daring step of recommending the service to a friend.

Thank you very much for such a wonderful service, keep up the good work!

’ When Laura from Stockport called us she admitted that although she was very attractive and she has no trouble in attracting men she had lost her confidence.

‘I am so glad that my daughter pushed me to do this’ said Neil.

‘ We will keep you posted, who knows you may even get a wedding invitation soon!

Like most of Britain's 700 introduction agencies, Club Sirius competes most vigorously not against its rivals, but against its public image as a succour for the undateable.