Start Dating after arm amputation

Dating after arm amputation

We have a lot of pillows to provide extra padding for my residual limb, and to reduce friction abrasions.

But as a sexually active amputee woman who is happily married with two children, I can speak frankly about my experiences.

Because it is a sensitive and personal issue, I did not feel comfortable broaching the topic with amputee mentors.

Be prepared As much as you are ready to accept your partner’s appearance, do not expect the same of society at large.

If your partner’s amputation is visible, like the loss of a hand or an arm, it is very likely that there will be stares and whispers from people wherever you go.

It took nearly six months post-amputation until I was ready for intimacy.

This extended time was due to an infection in my stump, but in retrospect, it was also because I was feeling ugly. For partners of an amputee, patience is imperative!

He loved me unconditionally and wasn’t “turned off” because I happened to be missing a foot. I didn’t feel attractive and any sense of sensuality seemed to have evaporated. I justified the decision through fears that my sensitive limb might get bumped. As my limb healed and my self-esteem recovered, I no longer needed to keep my leg covered. People are often curious about how an amputee has sex.

It took months before I could look in a mirror without tearing up. In reality, the liner just made me feel more comfortable and safer because I was keeping my residual limb covered. All I can say is that I have learned that a foot is not necessary for intercourse.

Just as my body changed for me, it has also changed for my husband.

He admits that some positions feel “different.” Because of my amputation, we laugh a lot more, and we talk more.

When a specific position doesn’t work, instead of getting upset or frustrated, we just laugh it off.