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Dating a minor california

Mendez-Medrano why she was being detained, and that she could not go without being issued a citation.' Police say the entirety of the incident was not captured in the video shown. Mendez-Medrano she was not free to leave and was under arrest, and held her arm to prevent her from fleeing. Mendez-Medrano resisted our officer's efforts to gain her cooperation, a very brief physical struggle ensued before she was taken into custody,' the release cited.

Operated by the US NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), its main purpose is to track and communicate with space missions.

Five large parabolic ("dish") antennas are located at the Goldstone site to handle the workload, since at any given time the DSN is responsible for maintaining communication with up to 30 spacecraft.

The antennas function similarly to a home satellite dish.