Start Daddys dating rules funny

Daddys dating rules funny

Three years ago, when my middle daughter was 5, it was her turn to repeat the special tradition, and now, Baby Girl is kindergarten age and totally excited about her Daddy-Daughter Date!

Absentee fathers, divorce, learning to discipline step-children, handling bad influences in your child's life; all of these subjects make an appearance only to get shrugged off by movie’s end.

I want her to value his opinion, therefore, she needs to know, like, and trust him!

He’s a pretty likable, trustworthy guy, so it shouldn’t be hard.

I don’t expect her first real date to go quite as well.

We live by the rule of “High Goals, Low Expectations” so even though I don’t expect a young man to treat her as well as Daddy did, I do have the goal that he will one day. I can’t tell you how much fun I have helping her pick out her dress and fixing her hair and all the little wonderful details of dressing up my little doll.

She got to choose the restaurant and activity for the evening.

They had a blast, and I stayed home with the little sister.

However, when their daughter confesses her unhappiness at the separate Christmas visits during a school pageant, Dusty and Brad decide it's time to merge their individual parties into one gigantic celebration.