Start Cycling dating website

Cycling dating website

If you don’t like it, no harm done (since it’s totally free to get started.) But if you do like it or find someone, well, that’s a different story! I just hope my girlfriend doesn’t find out that I signed-up at a singles site! I just thought it would be funny to add that in there at the end, for humor’s sake.

Or are you just someone who likes to keep fit (and green! Either way, find kindred spirits online in our online cycling-orientated dating community!

You can find someone who shares your interest to meet, date or just go for a ride with at the touch of a button!

If someone really catches your eye, it could be worth the $20 to get in touch with them.

You’ll soon understand why thousands of athletic singles join our community every day! If you have a cycling passion, you’re going to get along well with cyclists who feel the same way.

There’s also a “Super Match” function which actually compares your profile to other profiles and gives you a % match of how compatible you are!

This was pretty cool, and I didn’t know you could do matches like that unless you paid for some premium dating service. I did so much with the site for free, I started wondering why I would have to pay for anything…

Then, you can even search the profiles of other bicycling singles and flirt with the ones that seem like a fitness match for you. You’ve found yourself a brand new cyclist group to interact with.