Start Contacting people cross dresser dating sites

Contacting people cross dresser dating sites

Over the past ten years or so I have gone through some Major changes.

I truly believe a Dominant who suffers from depression , he has no business trying to enter a D’s relationship.

Someone who suffers from depression even on medication can only handle so much…

Online Dominants are just that, very few have ever had a D’s Or M’s relationship, and chances are they never will…

These are men or women who cannot control their own life much less others.

Those relationships are those where the dominant has put a plan in place, and works on getting you to him, or him to you. If you are not the one painting the picture, you never see the finished product until you get to your new home..

Someone can paint a pretty picture and fill your mind with what you need, but you need to know all and have proof before you decide to move 1500 miles..

If you are a submissive who is trying to convince a man who suffers from depression you are doing more damage than good, and yes you are Topping from the bottom..

Many online Dominants have anger issues, many use humiliation as a way to control, they feed off of your problems they feed off of your self pity, and your low self esteem.

The Dominant thinks he is in charge but in reality he is just barking orders that have no meaning, and your gullible to follow them until you figure out he is just an ass..

I am not going to say that all online training is not effective because at times , and there are some online relationships that do work and last for years.

It was just a total fuck search, maybe that is why yahoo shut it down…