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If you can make me look you in the eye and sincerely say “That’s so funny”, you’ve won!

“Most [women] go on dates with lawyers, accountants or finance types, and comedians are interesting to them. That’s a fun thing.” His observations about women loving funny men are spot on, according to a new paper published in the British journal Royal Society Open Science.

The study could help explain why more New York women are flocking to comedy clubs instead of bars to meet bachelors.

“I’ve definitely seen women out and about going to [comedy clubs] and even taking improv classes to find single men,” says Devyn Simone, a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, who’s seen this trend grow over the past two years.

It will a) make it easier for us to suss out why it’s funny and b) give you some context for where our brains are at. This may not go for all comedy nerds, but if you want to roll with me specifically and I’m being too loud, wait til the bits done. ” I want to at the same time punch you in the neck and cuddle you forever.

I love that you are interested enough to take a look and think of me but also, dude, IT WAS ON COMEDY CENTRAL! (I did not end up dating this guy, not just because of the Franco roast situation, but I’m not gonna say it wasn’t a factor.) 3. Now that I’ve just ranted about you never putting me in my volume place in section 5, I will say it is totally okay to tell us to chill and stop hogging the conversation.

“Humor is important to women because in 20 years, when he’s still leaving the toilet seat up, the only thing that’s going to get you through it is laughing at him or with him.” After a successful gig, women approach Greenbaum and ask him to hang out.

Most are in their 30s, educated and hold white-collar jobs.

They don’t wanna talk to someone about spreadsheets. In the study conducted by Scotland’s Abertay University, men and women were shown portraits of members of the opposite sex, followed by fictional short stories that varied in humor and wit.