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The four women accused Doe of sexual misconduct “in concert and with a malicious purpose” after the first accuser’s boyfriend, “MF,” reacted negatively to Doe’s offhand comment that he had sex with “Betty Brown” years earlier, before she and MF were a couple.

“Alarmingly, no one at Hamilton considered it at all suspicious that, in the space of just two weeks, four separate women made complaints against Doe for sexual conduct that had all allegedly occurred over three years prior to the complaints,” the suit reads.

MORE: Judge slaps down college for guilty finding without cross-examination Hamilton only found Doe responsible for one alleged incident of misconduct, against Roe, whose story about their alleged encounter repeatedly changed during the investigation, according to the suit.

A jealous boyfriend convinced four female students to falsely accuse a graduating male of sexual misconduct years after the alleged behavior, according to the former student’s lawsuit against a small New York liberal arts school.

“John Doe” accuses Hamilton College of changing its sexual-misconduct investigative procedures so drastically in response to Obama administration Title IX “guidance” – since rescinded by the Trump administration – that it effectively denied him due process and discriminated against him based on his gender.

Citing text messages between Brown and other accusers, the suit says she and MF recruited other women to file sexual-misconduct allegations.

MORE: UMass punishes accused student for its own failure to schedule hearing MF helped another former sexual partner of Doe’s, “Mary Miller,” write her complaint alleging that Doe violated her in February 2015, months after their last sexual contact, which was consensual, the suit says.

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Dean of Students Terry Martinez “arbitrarily and capriciously” overruled the review panel’s recommended five-year suspension and expelled Doe after he was acquitted of Miller’s allegations.

“It was not until the 2016-2017 academic year – the year following the most vocal criticism of Hamilton’s failure to expel men found responsible for sexual misconduct – that Hamilton expelled students found responsible for non-consensual sex,” including Doe, the suit claims.

Celebratory Facebook messages between MF’s accuser liaison, “LL,” and Roe confirm they expected Hamilton “might remove [Doe] from campus …