Start Christian dating social networking sites

Christian dating social networking sites

Besides having several online communities, the site's content is supplemented with blogs and videos - updated regularly - keeping the site's content fresh.

Sign up is free, not restricted by age and you can join either as an individual or as a band. Individuals are asked, but not required, to give their date of birth (which can be hidden if given).

According to My Praize, their site is perfect for: The site's main weakness is its bare bones design, which, according to their Facebook page as of June 2014, it is being redesigned and reprogrammed.

Launched in 2005 as an alternative to My Space, this site has done a nice job of giving Christians an alternative place to go to get the same sort of community.

A few of the sites are even more specialized - like God Tube - a You Tube alternative with high-quality Christian-themed videos -- and their appeal is growing.

God Tube pulls in more than 3.5 million page views monthly while Crosswalk generates more than seven million page views each month.

Christian Faithbook has online groups, forums and the ability to create online friends - all the necessary components for creating a social-based site versus a content-only site.

Sites like this received a boost from Christian actor Kirk Cameron when Facebook initially blocked the actor's posts about his then upcoming movie Unstoppable.

While major social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram tend to define social media, there is a growing niche market including one for the Christian demographic.