Start Christian dating social networking sites

Christian dating social networking sites

Besides having several online communities, the site's content is supplemented with blogs and videos - updated regularly - keeping the site's content fresh.

If you enjoy videos across a wide spectrum of Christian themes, check out

Compared to well-known social media sites, these sites are small, but considering they are niche sites, that is to be expected.

However, despite limited membership (when compared to Facebook), these sites have an abundance of content, news and information that is of interest and importance to their members.

Users can upload videos, send messages and interact virtually with online members.

The site hosts chat rooms and forums to further strengthen its online community.

However, they are great for connecting with old friends and making new ones. Every week I’ll try to profile a couple of these sites.

I know, I know, with My Space, facebook and Twitter, you’re probably asking yourself, “Do I really need to join another social network? Let’s be real, there are only a few of us that actually NEED to belong to any social network. After a little research, I found out that there are over 40 to choose from. Here is the list of Christian social networks that I was able to come up with (in alphabetical order): 101Christian Battle Christ Church Cross Ditty Faith Faith Faith Generation Gods Social Holy In Christ Jesus Kindle Life Live Living Gods Meet My Faith My My Godly My Our Christian People2Shout Teen The Your Christian Youth Please let me know if there are others that I am missing.

Christian Faithbook has online groups, forums and the ability to create online friends - all the necessary components for creating a social-based site versus a content-only site.