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Sometime before or after Ash left Elk Grove, Chet joined the United States Army for an unspecified amount of time, although it is known he participated in Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War in 1991.

(Oddly, Matt Damon gets it just right in , and he’s not even playing Chet!

) Beaten up by his drug dealers, Baker loses his embouchure—the lip formation that ensures consistent horn technique.

While Ash was fighting this evil, his car, a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, was stolen.

Ash recruited his former partner in crime to help throw a party that would hopefully lure the teenagers that stole his car.

His once gorgeous face now as raddled as the picture of Dorian Gray, and his voice diminished though still compelling, Baker politely but firmly encourages a café crowd at the Cannes Film Festival to curtail their chatter out of respect for the song he’s about to sing. Then he plays and sings Elvis Costello’s “Almost Blue” and, whatever his vocal limitations, draws the hushed audience within an aural radiance.

The only memorable scene in shows Chet and Jane visiting his parents in Oklahoma.

Not much is known about the early life of Chet, except he befriended Ash Williams during his high school years.

Ash and Chet would throw "the most righteous parties", where people came from far and wide to get a taste of Ash and Chet's signature drink, Pink Fuck, a mix of liqueurs, spirits, orange rind, nutmeg, and Ketamine.

Miles Davis and Chet Baker: two trumpet-playing international stars of jazz (though Davis bridled at the word and preferred “social music”); both coming into prominence in the late 1940s bebop era but flourishing later with more melodic styles; both matinee-idol handsome in their youth and enjoying the favors of many women; both heroin addicts, with Davis finally shaking his addiction and Baker succumbing to it.

And now each is the subject of an independently produced biopic taking its title from one of its hero’s hits: , written and directed by Don Cheadle, with Cheadle as Davis.

We have to see him juggling many affairs simultaneously, because this man was faithful to nothing except music.