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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Isaac, baptized July 0, 1654, died November 7, 1718; married. 1762; married Roger Dickinson, of Whately ; died February 9, 1809. David, born April 11, 1764; mar- ried Tabitha Clark.

He"\sra-5k, appointed surgeon general of the Provincial forces raised in Plymouth colony in 1673.

He was sergeant under Captain Myles Standish in 1643; lieutenant at Barnstable in 1652; lieu- tenant in Captain Standish's expedition against Manhattoes colony in 1654; chairman of council of war ; lieutenant of the forces against the Saconet Indians in 1671 and captain in King Philip's war.

In a peti- tion addressed "To the honoured Counsell now assembled at Boston." presented March 3, 1675, and signed, with others, by John Prince, Joseph Prince. In 1710 he removed to Rochester, Massachusetts, where the chief part of his estate lay, he being the principal proprietor of the township and its first repre- sentative. Rebecca; mar- ried, February 24, 1709, Joseph Benson, of Hull, and had a daughter Elizabeth, born May 5, 1720, and twin boys, Benjamin and John, born March 5, 1724, both of whom died the same year. Hannah, bom December 13, 172S; married Samuel (or Thomas) Conklin, of Southold, Long Island, New York, born September 10, 1728, at Southold, and died there December 6, 1785. Milly (Messinger) Waldo, widow of Major Jonathan Waldo. Joseph, the next younger son, went to the western country 1789, was at Marietta, Ohio, in 1792, and at ^Sf^ijcinnati about 1794 and became one of the earfj C settlers of that place, but returned to Massa^tojsetts about 1812, purchased a farm at Mem^n and died there in 1822.

Samuel Prince and Isaac Prince, sons of Elder John, the follow- ing statement is made: "\Ve being persons whose sole emplo\Tnent is fishing, and so at sea, having no lands nor cattle to maintain ourselves or families, but what we must have hitherto done by the blessing of God on our labors produced' from the sea." The sons as they grew up took to the sea and became cap- tains of vessels, and most of them died in foreign parts. For Sandwich and Rochester he served as representative in the great and general court nineteen times since the revolu- tion, anrl was oftener chosen but excused him- self from serving. The mother died March 9, four days after the birth of the twins. John, born November i, 1686 or 87, (the last figure is blurred and rather indistinct), see forward. Experience, born January 11, 1689; mar- ried, first, October 17, 171 1, Benjamin Benson of Boston. (V) John Prince, son of John Prince, bom August 10, 1716, at Barnstable, died July 23, 1786, at Boston; married, May 25, 1749, Esther Guild, born September 30, 1721, at Wrentham, Massachusetts, died July 19, 1799, at Boston, daughter of John and Mercy (Foster) Guild of Wrenthan L He was for many years a merchant in Boston. She was born December 18, 1763, and died at Boston, January 7, 1836, and was carried to Salem for interment. Joseph, bom August 24, I753» (lied November 24, 1828, at Mendon, Massachusetts, aged seventy-five years; mar- ried Sarah Bennett. Thomas, bom Febru- ary 28, 1756, died September 26, 1781 ; drowned off the Capes of Delaware. His wife, Sarah Bennett, died there five years later. 299 born July 11, 1787, at Boston, died September 5, 181 1, unmarried. Sarah, born January 26, 1789, at Boston, died June 18, i860, unmarried. George Ingersoll, bom July 9, 1791, at Boston, died August 15, 1848, at Buffalo, New York, where he had resided ten years ; married, September 8, 1816, Mary Ann Rogers, of Boston, who died May 12, 1879. He was a mariner, and for many years a captain of ships sailing between southern ports and Europe. Oiarles Augustus, born December 5, 1795, at Boston; see forward.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Nancy, born October 30, 1791 ; mar- ried Elijah Page ; died December 2. It also survived the financial panic of 1873, ^"d '" 1881 Mr. A few years later it was deemed advisable to separate the retail and wholesale departments, and the latter was consequently removed to a spacious and handsome building fronting on Adams street, and constructed of rough hewn granite and brownstone, from plans drawn by the famous American archi- tect, H.

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He married, April 4, 1765, Lois Beal, born in Hingham, July 20. That he was nearly seventy years old never occurred to those who knew him. He had good humor in abundance, and delighted in a busy life. He had a powerful voice, and it is said that he could be heard and understood a mile away.

Colonel John Dickman's regiment, in August, 1777, and marched to Bennington with the Chesterfield company; also in the same company under Colonel Ezra May, in the battles of Stillwater and Saratoga. He was brim full of enthusiasm, as active as a young man, and as keen in his interest in the world. He was a man of large stature, being more than six feet in height and finely proportioned. John, bom September 12, 1715; died November 15, 1753.

He was in the revolution, in Captain Christopher Banister's company. James, of Williamsburg, removes from us a man who was first and always public-spirited. Jonathan, born July 16, 1695 ; died March 22, 1787. He resided on the o M home- stead, and had willed it to his son, but outlived him, and the farm descended to his grandsons.

son of John (i) James, was born in Hingham, March 16. He removed probably after the birth of the third child, about 1769, to Goshen, Massachusetts, then a part of Chesterfield. The following was taken from one of the newspapers at the time of his death: "The death of Lyman D. (HI) John (2), son of John (i) Corless, was born at Haverhill, March 4, 1686, and died in 1766. Sarah, born November, 1718; died Novem- ber 20, 1736.

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