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Campagnolo gran sport dating

We’re going to assume here that you are not going to go into hibernation between December and March (or October and April, as is more often the case with winter), and that you are going to go carry on riding.

Some people fit lower gears to a winter bike so that they are more comfortable hauling its mass up hills.

A compact chainset with 50/34-tooth rings coupled to a wide-range cassette with large 28 or 32-tooth low gear may be a good idea.

Most tyre manufacturers offer at least one winter-specific model. A weighty winter bike is going to be slower going – factor in weather/road conditions, and you won’t be setting any land speed records on it.

But wait until you get back on your best bike ion Spring and see how you fly up those familiar climbs.

Buyer’s guide to road bike wheels (video) Many people keep a set of old alloy wheels just for the purpose – perhaps OEM ones that were upgraded from their main bike, or ones picked up cheaply in a bike shop sale.

Fitting tyres with puncture resistance and wet-weather tread is also a good idea.

A soggy bottom is not a great companion on long, winter rides.