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Cambodian dating rhode island

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Activities and Schedule Worship Services (Chanting and Offerings) every Saturday and Sunday at 9 A.

Many live in Providence, but others have moved to suburbs such as Cranston, Warwick, and Woonsocket.

A small temple located on the first floor of the monastery is active every day, but on weekends and holidays the larger community meets in the main temple.

The temple also seeks to be involved in the larger religious and cultural life of the city and state, such as by its collaboration in 2002 with Providence College to sponsor a program honoring “The Spirit of Cambodia” through art exhibitions, music and dance performances, lectures, and films.

The temple looks forward to more such collaborations in the future, as well as to increasing its emphasis on youth so as to transmit both the Buddhist religious tradition and Khmer language and culture to the next generation.

Ghosananda resided with and served the community from the 1980s until 1994-5, during which time they changed its name to the Khmer Buddhist Society of New England and constructed their first temple, the Wat Thormikaram.

When their original building burnt down in March of 1996, the community purchased a residential home across the street for use as a monastery and built another structure that they currently use as their main temple.

They also have a model, plans, and an architect for a more elaborate temple they hope to construct soon.