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God saves gay men and lesbians and leads some men to partner together and some lesbians to partner together, just like He saves heteros. To have the blessing of God in your life requires an honest heart, honesty before God and with each other and a sincere desire to obey God.

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The Bible is very clear that getting saved has nothing to do with being gay or lesbian.

Did you know that gay marriage is as old as history?

Did you know Jesus healed the sick partner of a gay Centurion?

i pray to the almighty to know my sin so i can tho's the do not know /or/even care if they are sinning will not repent. IF YOU ARE GAY THEN YOU ARE NOT A can not just be a good person to go to heaven. liviticus says that if a man lie with a nother man then he shall shurely die .

you must obey the laws of homosexuality is a direct violation of his holy law thats it sensor the sir are the one that is taking the good book out of context says homosexuality is an abomination to the lord. as a matter of fact it says it in the old and new testament .

Yes, God IS absolutely "love" and loves all people, adulterers, homosexuals, murderers and so on...

I'm very disappointed in how our world has become so lost.

Who gave christian the authority to judge and condemn? I do believe in God's laws, but we as humans were never able to fulfill God's laws because we are ALL sinners (all have fallen short).

Why do some christians believe they have more power to judge and condemn than God? Thankfully and joyfully we have Jesus Christ who came to fulfill the law so that all who believe in Him shall not perish.

but dont tell people god is ok with it because that is a falsity .