Start Ca antivirus error updating

Ca antivirus error updating

(Coded by N2IC) RSGBCLUB(RSGB 1.8Mhz Club Calls): Rules changes, points, multipliers, bonus station - GB3HQ.

(WN4AFP)(Coded by K3CT) NV QSO Party: New rules, needs testing after rules are posted.

(Coded by N2AMG) Spectrum: Fixed mode scrolling loop fix. Between May and August use the July 1 contest start date, else use Saturday of current week.

(Several) (Code by K3CT & N1MM) Spectrum: display error if High Scope Freq-Low Scope Freq 1 MHz (IC8POF) (Coded by N1MM) Spectrum Window: Fix for scaling issue from WB (IC8POF) (Coded by N1MM) Digital: Fixes issue with DI window pausing when receiving QTC.

(Coded by N2AMG) 3.96 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.6883Call Stacking: Fixed the ALT D operation.

(Coded by N2AMG) Call Stacking: If the program changes from Run to S&P, clear and close the callstack window.

(W6US)(Coded by K3CT) AZ QSO Party: Changed to Cabrillo 3.0.

(Coded by K3CT) Function key editor: Apply color scheme (LY5T) (Coded by N1MM) Info Window: Runtime error when changing contests with Networking enabled.

(TK5MH) (Coded by N2IC) Alt-F9: Fix issue with 1.8 and 3.5 in Antenna table when country/locale is expecting 1,8 and 3,5.